Hardworking Dolly

On the up: Being busy
On the down: Having not much of a life

I went to bed real late last night/this morning and didn't wake up until noon. Typically, I was rudely awoken by the incessant pinging of my MSN going off like crazy.

So I dragged myself out and saw that Boss Joe had left a few hundred orders for work. pissnmoan. But you can't say no to Joe, he asks so nicely.

But I got it all done within the day.

I'm stuck at home on a Friday night because I still can't drive and everybody is sick so nobody to play with. Found out what's wrong with my car: there are bloody bucket seats that slope backwards, which make my knees stick up and out and tire out the thighs. And there's something wrong the exhaust, so I don't want to risk exploding as I drive.

So I is stuck at home. Blogging and talking to Miin about very strange obsessive fans of Hanson. This is worrying. Then again, so is my rather distinct lack of a life at the moment! pissnmoan

Starstruck Dolly

On the up: Hot celebrities
On the down: Ordinary Joes

I rediscovered Billy Crudup today while watching crappy Astro movies and came across Stage Beauty (which is a fab fab movie, if only it didn't have Claire Danes as the leading actress!).

He is beautiful and I want to marry him! Seeeeeeeee!

Liver Dolly

On the up: Liver
On the down: A malfunctioning liver

I'm going to do the Liver Cleansing Diet! This means 8 weeks of celery juice and coriander on everything - yuck!....

... the things you do to get thin.

I chirped to my dad, "I'm going do to the Liver Cleansing Diet!"

He asked what for.

So I explained the whole thing about how you gotta clear out the liver now and then, to maintain a healthy body blah blah blah

He said, "But you're still so young what. You think your liver isn't functioning properly?"

I said, "Well, I can't seem to lose weight, so I think it needs a cleaning out."

He said, "I don't think it's your liver. It's in your genes lah. You're just going to be fat."

Sure knows how to rain on my parade.

Bohemian Dolly

On the up: Bohemian spirit
On the down: Dry corporate souls

It was Sharon's birthday today which was really just another excuse for us to trolley our way down to Cafe Cafe (the prettiest restaurant in KL, by far), and stuff our faces with divine food.

To get in with the Bohemian spirit, Gerry even wore a hat and scarf thing. How very 1920s Paris.

Am sure you all know it, but but but...isn't Cafe Cafe just too pretty?.......

Just because it's Cafe Cafe, we all put our sepia settings on for extra cheesy campy old-time effect. Seeeeee how cute it looks:

Pity Sharon's head got chopped, but I love how candid and happy this looks. Very 1920s carefree, French cafe luvin, no?

Oh but I do love it when photos are captured spontaneously.... which explains why Wills looks like he's about to tip over sideways (he looks really quite handsome here tho - and you'd have to use the word handsome to describe someone when you're in Cafe Cafe, and taking sepia photos).

Okay okay, but we do love modern technology and beautiful coloured photos and digital cameras. So here is a cheesy group shot of us all poised and posed and grinning into the flash.

Oh wait, William just sent me this - the sepia thing really does look a million times better:

Funny! What the hell are we all doing? Sharon's the only one who actually knows we're taking a photo.

They really do the best creme brulees there. And the best foie gras except Susan sat across me and said "Oh but I was thinking about the poor ducks..." which totally put me off ordering it. So I had mozzarella instead.

There was a bloody rude waiter there though. He just couldn't understand that I wanted amaretto and 7-up, served separately.

First he bought the amaretto.

Then he bought a can of Sprite but like d'uh how am I gonna mix the two without a glass?

So then he bought a glass of ice. But I wanted a twist of lemon (it makes all the difference).

In the end, he got really stroppy and passed the job on to another waiter. It's not that hard, is it? He looked really pissed off every time we asked him for something... which er, sort of defeats the whole purpose of being a waiter, no?


On the up: Old friends
On the down: Realising how old you're getting

Met up with an old friend Miin today (not to be confused with Ming), who I haven't seen in about 6 years or something ridiculous like that. She's back in KL from Australia for a year though, so about tim to catch up.

Just to confuse things more, she wasn't actually Miin when I knew her, because she was going by her English name then. I was like "But but but, I've known you as Kim for 15 years of my life, so how?"

She said, "Well, you can call me Kim then. I'll just cringe everything I hear it," which made me feel really bad.

So now I call her Miin. It's like making a new friend but a ready-made one since I've known her for years.

She's also a vegan now which is totally amazing - I couldn't imagine a life without chocolate, cheese, cream cake, char siew, creamy pastas, fondue, big fat happy burgers etc etc

We went to KLCC which I haven't been to in ages and I finally decided today that I just don't like it there. Too many tourists, too many people, and the floors are too damn slippery so unless you're wearing tough hardy rock climbing shoes, it's hazardous and exhausting on the leg muscles, from trying not to slip.

But Miin did bring me to lots of cool places which had bright retro-looking purses and great clothes. Made me almost feel proud to be in Malaysia - where shops are almost as cool as they are in Milan (which I wasn't impressed with at all when I went)...

Then I followed her over to the bank to sort out a bank account, and lost a huge chunk of faith in Malaysia. You wouldn't believe what a total arse it is to open an account in this country. Miin got stuck talking to the dumbest counter person who kept telling her things that totally contradicted everything that the online application form had told her. And then they asked her a whole heap of questions that she had already answered on the online form. And then said, they'll call her back.

She was getting reaaaaaaaaaaaallly irritated. Funny how she started out talking normally and by the end of the conversation, she had slowed her speech down as if she was talking to a demented child.


When we walked out of the bank, I chirped "Welcome back to Malaysia!" which didn't make things any better. She just sighed real loud.

Then we went shopping again. We went round all the shops and I kept pointing out things and saying "I can't wear that, I'm too flat-chested" and Miin would reply "Yah, neither can I, cos I'm too big." She's damn lucky though cos she's got boobies, and, as we all know, I ain't got much. I was all, "Well maybe you could pass some over, and then it would all balance out?"

She was gave me a dry "Haha."

Anyway, was great to see her again. Funny how some people stay just the same wacky people after many many many years, and you can pick up right where you left off.

On the down: James Blunt
On the down: James Blunt

My boyfriend keeps singing James Blunt, especially the bad whiny songs.

Oh wait a minute, they're all bad whiny songs.


Dolly in London

On the up: London!
On the down: Scuzzy English yobs

I'll post up pix from England first since I've sorted them out. There were over 650 photos from the trip so it's going to take me ages. Have to do it in phases. But I miss my girls and boys in England so much I thought I'd blog about that first.

I stayed with Elisa who is one of the maddest people I know, and possibly the only person in the world that I can be scatty and disorganised around without feeling stupid, because she just lets me get on with being daft.

The night I arrived, we went out to a beautiful cocktail bar, Inc, which did absolutely fabulous lychee martinis but were full of pretty horrid people sticking their tonges down each other's throats all night and wearing clothes that were too tight for them.

We sat in a corner and made what were supposed to be sexy faces into the camera. It all turned out a bit wrong, as can be expected.

Here we are being normal - and we actually look quite decent, for a change. Elisa does seem to have the biggest smile in the world. Ever.

Ok pucker up and look gorgeous. We looked at the screen after we took it and decided it was just too awful....

So we tried REALLY hard again to do the pouty thing and be desirable. Still failed.
Well, maybe it worked, because lots of strange boys came to talk to us and ask us daft questions. We kept ignoring them and Elisa shot them her very "what the fuck" look but they were all too off their faces to notice.

Next day it was off for shopping in my new favourite place in the world - Greenwich! There's this great little shop there called JOY and it really was just full of it!

I got out my camera like a sad little tourist and took photos of the shelves. Elisa looked horrified.

"Am I really embarrassing you by taking photos?"

"Err.... yes."

But look! How pretty!!!!!!

Pretty things and beautiful tat! See the pink Buddha heads, bottom left? I bought one home and everyone is appalled at how tacky it is. I see it as pink enlightenment.

Everything's all messy in just the right way. Bags and pillows and clothes and pretty nonsense things you don't really need.

Retro ice cream bowls and milkshake glasses. Ooooooh! How Betty Crocker.

Of course, racks and racks of beautiful clothes!...

... and more clothes! Any place with a polka dot dresses is ace on my cards.

They even had a divine book collection. No horrible pop fiction and crap Dan Brown novels. It was all 60s movie posters, Dita von Teese books about Burlesque, and gorgeously illustrated thangka books.

Then we discovered a shop called Daisy Cakes, that was just full of cake, pretty iced things and coloured chocolate buttons. Look!

Next day, I rounded up the troops and demanded everyone travel down to South London to see me for drinks. I was not prepared to go into Central London with all the tourists and bad traffic. Hence, Gipsy Moth in Greenwich.

This meant 1 1/2 hours on the train for Pete and Tom but never mind, they made it, the darlings!

I don't know why Pete looks so silly here - maybe because it was quite late when I took this, and he was thinking about the 1 1/2 hours he'd have to travel to get back.

Somehow, both of them seem to have grown epic proportions and were super tall this time round. I kept asking "Why are you so big now?" but they said they were always like that. Maybe it's because I've just been hanging around too many small boys back here in Asia.

Then I had to go make things worse by asking Tom, "Why do you look so pale?" (because he did), which only made him totally stroppy at me. He's working in some godforsaken place in Norwich - no wonder!

It took forever to get a decent photo because these British types kept trying to evade the camera. Sarah actually has her eyes open in this picture, which says a lot!

This photo of Angie and Elisa is so totally cute!! (I'm proud of how art-house it looks!)

Thouraya is cute as a button (but she hates photos so never wants to pose properly!). Actually, she's the only person in the world who doesn't realise that she's totally beautiful. I hang out with her hoping some of the beauty will rub off. After four years, it hadn't.

Anyway, these were the only proper pics Angie and Thouraya let me take of them - afterwards it was all "AGAIN?! *sigh*" which is why subsequent shots of them look like zombies (won't put them up, they'll get angry and that can be very scary).

Everyone looks like they're deep in some sort of intellectual discussion - then again, maybe they were just talking about how much they hate football.

This turned out too funny - Elisa err... making a face again. Me laughing at her making the face. And Sarah looking just plain bloody exasperated with our silly behaviour. (ewww my hair looks so fluffy here!)

Whew, was nice to know everyone is just the same as they always were. I wanted to cry when it was time to come home!

Okay, it's taken me almost a whole day to load these damn photos - blogger was being mean to me again. That's about all I can handle, arg. Next installment of travels for another day.

Jetlagged Dolly

On the up: Travelling
On the down: Jetlag

I'm baaaaaaack! Europe was fabulous but the jetlag so is NOT. Does explain why I woke up at 2am feeling hungry though, and why I'm only just starting to feel sleepy now that it's almost 7am. My head is still living out in London.

I took over 650 photos in my zeal to capture an award winning photo. Surprisingly, very few of me (even I'm shocked). I got to London and was all ready to get trigger happy for photos with old friends... then remembered that most of them despise having photos taken. So I pulled the Asian card: "I'm Chinese! It's my prerogative to want a photograph of everything!" They all rolled their eyes at me and gaped into the camera so I never got a good shot.

So now the best photos I've got are of a pebbly beach and a fat jolly lama, which is just as good.

There's a millions things to say about the trip so I'll save it for a day when my head isn't so fugged up with time difference and I can write a sentence properly.

Off to bed now, just as the rest of the house is waking up.

Dolly goes to Europe

On the up: Travel
On the down: Last minute packing

Am off to Europe in less than 9 hours! And still haven't started packing. Typical me left everything until the last minute so now I'm busy trying to

churn out two articles about art subjects I know absolutely nothing about
sort out some more stray kittens
tidy my room

Am so excited about going back to London and seeing all my peeps! Snobby me has only told about five people I'm going to be there because I can't be arsed to run all over London over 3 days to see everyone (of which there are many - I can't help it if I'm well-loved, can I? hehe). Still have to spend the other three days in England going up north for a work-related thing.

So while in London, I'm just gonna relaaaaaaaaax lah. My big plan is to sit in a bar, eat Muller Light yoghurts and chocolate, drink vodkatonics and gossip.

Obviously, this London secrecy thing may not work because
a) some of the five friends are bound to tell everyone else from zones 1-6, and through the whole M1 highway.
b) others are going to read it on this blog, and then feel horribly insulted I didn't bother to contact them.

What to do? There are only that many hours in a day, and a girl only has that many days to loll about in Europe before she gets summoned off for work again.


On the up: Bibi
On the down: There aren't enough Bibis in the world

Bibi and I were yapping on MSN again, as is always the case when I'm trying to evade work and he's being sociable or bored.

He did a little character analysis of me today:

Bibi: You really ARE a japanese manga you know

Me: Why am i a japanese manga?

Bibi: You are like all sugar and spice and bubble gum and power puff girls on the outside.... but so fag brained on the inside haha

Me: What does fag-brained constitute?

Bibi: always on the hunt for boys, always flamboyant, only moderately modest, etc etc Pretends to be a shallow stupid girl but is not. Really a contradiction lah ... you inside and outside. If you brought your insides and postered it on to your person, you would be a drag queen.

Then he said I should compare myself to this girl we both know (won't mention names in case er... she reads this). When I asked him why, he said:

coz she is the other extreme, all demure but oozing it. She is like a Laura Ashley cottage and you are like Sesame Street.

Then he said, "Okay gotta go ttyl" before I could ask him what the hell he meant by comparing me to a bunch of whining muppets on Sesame Street.

Cupcake Dolly

On the up: Butter and Sugar
On the down: How sick it makes you feel

Oh dear, I've just realised I haven't written in here for almost a week. Been in a big fat pissy mood - everyone getting on my nerves and I'm getting on everyone's nerves. Oh well.

So I made cupcakes in an attempt to cheer myself up. Coloured icing always makes me feel better (and they did for a little while until something else came along to irritate me again).

Look at my pretty little project!

I put them into cute tacky boxes with flowers all over the front and sent them off to old friends:

They were a hit! Everyone loved 'em!

I have to admit though, they are DAMN SWEET. I only eat one at a time and that's enough to make me feel sick the rest of the day. But I have to say I'm a very clever cupcake queen :)

Dolly fantasies

On the up: Bread
On the down: Crappy Gardenia

I have these two great fantasies. And they made me go totally wild.

(1) Circa 1750. Sitting in one of those little old wooden pubs like in Lord Of The Rings on a wooden bench with one of those thick wooden oak tables. It's windy outside (set atmosphere a bit lah okay?) I was freezing when I just came in from outside but it's real cosy in the pub. Nice fire, lots of people in big wooly clothes.

Then a big jumbly woman with an apron brings me out this huge wooden bowl of soup and a clunky wooden spoon to eat it with.

And a huge chunk of bread.

And a big clunky solid mug full of wine to wash it all down.

(2) Circa 1875. A summer day in the English countryside. Blue skies, light breeze and a big oak tree to sit under....

... for lunch! Which is a big happy chunk of bread and good old cheddar cheese.

This is what happens when you read too many Thomas Hardy novels.

Dolly falls off the diet wagon

On the up: Diets
On the down: Not being able to stick to them

A guide on how to ruin a diet
I've been trying to lose weight so I can fit into my clothes again without busting the zip. And so for 4 weeks I've been eating nothing but Caesar salad and rockmelon and steamed tofu. Bleah.

Today I fell of the diet wagon and went insane at Chilis - a big fatty cheesy burger, fries and vanilla coke (if you're gonna drink coke, might as well get the extra-sweet one).

And then I made A drive all the way to the Baskin Robbins in Mont Kiara for ice cream (aren't boyfriends lovely for driving you to get ice cream!)

And now I'm eating sugared peanuts.

And eyeing this brand new tin of Pringles.

See, this is what happens when you deprive yourself. One day you snap and go insane and eat like it's going out of fashion. Bleah *bloated*

Dolly's day out

On the up: Hanging out in town on a working day
On the down: Traffic in Bukit Bintang

Wheeee! New shop in Lot 10! Yogini Mystical Treasures opened on June 1st so I toddled over to look.

It's THIS ORANGE (actually brighter but can't find a colour code that matches) and usually I despise orange but YMT has made it look totally sexy.

Okay, so I confess that actually a part of me went to the opening just to check out if there would be fun people to hang out with because everyone there is a bit mad.

Here's Ruby, who is the maddest of them all and always looks like she's glammed up enough to be going for tea at the Westin. She's like 40, going on 21 (and she actually looks better than most 21-year-olds I know).

Then I saw James who is always smiling. He's one of those people who are constantly happy and it's nice but someotimes you just want to slap them to see if they're human.

He was looking very YSG surrounded by Buddha statues....

...until I saw his not so-very-nice (but very cheeky and too cute) tshirt:

Here's that David who seems more into his mobile phone than anything else. He always has something clever to say, even if he's the goofiest person I've ever met, and I get damn nervous when I talk to him cos he always laughs at me like I just said something really stoopid.

Anyways, I bought some really nice soap from there and was feeling uber-organic and nice-smelling about myself and then went and left the whole bag in Tiffin Bay. D'oh.

Nevermind, I got another fabulous haircut by Mike and now I look like a remixed Mary Quant. It's so very 60s. He's opening a new salon (and you heard it here from me, first!) and it is going to rock the socks off Winnie Loo and her McHaircuts at VVTC A Cut Above. Just you watch!

So that's how a Dolly spends her days in the middle of the week when everyone else is working. And now, she's sitting here on a Sunday afternoon working (okay, blogging in between for breaks lah) when everyone else is lee-laxing. It's a good life lah, I won't complain :p

Big Fat Cat Drama

On the up: Cats
On the down: Chasing them around a carpark

I've been absent because I have been frazzled and flustered about 7 kitty cats.

Remember them?

First of all, my father is in some kind of big bad mood this week. When I told him I'm feeding these cats every day, kena bloody big scolding. Choy, do something good also kena get in trouble.
Could be out shooting up heroin; could get pregnant; could be spending all his money on RM600 shoes; could get involved in some revolutionary political group and get arrested; could drink and drive and smash up his car. But he gets all antsy about me feeding some little old cats. Pffft.

Then the next headache was trying to find them a home because I
leave them in the carpark and have someone run them over by mistake.

And if you leave them, it means more strays. And more strays. And more strays.
Big evil exponential growth of poor kitty cats.

So I found these fabulous people who work with stray animals, get them properly treated by a vet, and then find them homes.

Next trick was trying to get the cats to them, so this whole morning was spent chasing cats around the carpark. Bloody exhausting work.

Okay, so the problem is partly solved but I'm still trying to find people who might want to take a cat home. Any takers?... Get in touch!

This attachment-to-helpless-cats thing is so tiring and probably quite impossible. It must be how old all those poor old Bodhisattvas up there think when they're trying to sort us crappy samsara addicts out.


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