Healthy Dolly

On the up: Good health
On the down: The sheer enormous effort to maintain it

I just have to blog this because I am feeling so very very YSG.

First of all, I made my way to the gym and joined a BodyStep class. Stop laughing. I made it through the whole 12 tracks o-kay!!

Then then then, I came home and prepared the healthiest dinner in the world - fruit salad, greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey.

I'm feeling so healthy I make myself sick. I think I'll need some chocolate to balance all this out.

Dolly keeps secrets

On the up: Gossip
On the down: Not being able to spill the beans

Oh there's all this exciting stuff I want to write about but but but if I'm afraid that if I do, JP might put frogs in my bed and pee into my drink when I'm not looking.


So I shall talk about my fish instead.

Shin came round to look at the fish this afternoon. I went off to do stuff, and after a very long while, I heard her shout, "Eh how come only got two of the small ones?"

I said, "I think he's hiding in the rock kua."

She said, "No wor, I can't see him anywhere."

So I went and looked.

And looked and looked and looked.

And even lifted up the rock to see if he got stuck somewhere. He wasn't anywhere. And there's only so many places you can hide in a big empty tank.

So I think Henry Higgins has eaten him. It's only been a day and already there is drama. See, even fish have politics.

I'm also very annoyed because I had cleverly named the three little fish Bret, Easton and Ellis and now Bret has been eaten so the naming system doesn't really work anymore.

I made sure to shout very loudly at Higgins, though I don't think fish really take to praise or scoldings at all.

Oh dear, I'm becoming rather addicted and obsessive about my fish. It's like I'm turning into one of those annoying people who have children and suddenly, all they talk about is their kids.

Relocating Dolly?

On the up: Change
On the down: The tediousness of moving

I've been thinking about reinventing and relocating Dolly Blog. Shed my pink skin a bit.

See, when I started this blog, I was very Dolly - like all 7 kilos lighter, great hair (by Mike the most fabulous hairdresser in the world) and living a very artificial-sweetener sort of life.

Now, I'm 7 kilos heavier and more like a beanbag than a Dolly; and Life-As-I-Know-It has sort of evolved and become about a lot more than just going to bars and drinking martinis (although I still love it).

I seem to have outgrown the Dolly thing (finally, we can't be playing with plastic Mattels forever) and after the video and all that, the Dharma Princess label thing has stuck and developed a whole new personality of its own (of the many that I have all living inside me). That whole image thing even made it as the lead picture of an article in a Chinese magazine. This image:

Hehe I'm very proud of this because it really sums up what Rinpoche's teachings, KH and the Dharma Princess is all about - keeping to who you are on the outside (loud, obnoxious, contemporary, unconventional, fat, questionable fashion sense) but being spiritual on the inside, and I feel like that's more of what I'm about these days.

So. Perhaps Dolly Blog shall have to retire and make way for a new improved me!

RTM Dolly

On the up: Television and KSK
On the down: Homelessness

I'm starting to get used to this television thing! I'm feeling all so au naturel about it. It's rather lovely being a sort-of starlet for the day for a good reason.

Sharon the fish, Nana Tan the smallest girl in the world (really. she fits in a thimble) and I got out of bed at an ungodly hour this morning and made our way to RTM, to be interviewed on their breakfast show, Hello on 2.

It was so damn early - who wakes up that early, yo! But wow, really, there's like a WHOLE NEW WORLD out there at 7 in the morning. Who knew! It's fascinating.

We had to go to the guardhouse to get visitor passes and the dude asked me in malay what I was here for. So I stupidly said in my very bad Malay, "RTM lah!"

He looked at me like I was very plainly an idiot (which I often am, before 8am). Like d'oh. There's only a whole building dedicated to it. "Ya lah, RTM! Rancangan apa?"

What the hell is a rancangan?

I screamed, "NANAAAAAAAAA What is he saying?!"

Fortunately, that was all the Malay I had to deal with. The show was in English and the hosts were super trooper. Angie, one of the hosts, was wearing the most lovely swirly dress that made me feel dizzy in a happy morning sort of way.

We were being interviewed about Kechara Soup Kitchen which is made up of angels, truly, and who do the most fantastic work, EVER. I've only volunteered a few times because a) there's always something on Saturday so I can't go or b) I forgot or c) I'm a princess and would rather be doing something spoilt.

BUT really, these folks go out every single Saturday come rain, shine, political rallies, traffic jams to distribute food to homeless people all over the city centre. They're distributing 250 packets of food by food - no small feat I tell yah and I tip my shiny beret to them. I can barely manage my comfortable cushy life of working from a laptop, least of all trekking through the rats in Pudu Market every weekend.

The few times I've been have been extremely warming experiences though - the people and the life we meet out there will shock, sadden and make you realise that REALLY, there is nothing for us to bitch about.

So. Finally I have a chance to put my big mouth to some use - I managed to talk about it chat chat chat on national television huzzah and hopefully it will inspire something in the people watching.

It'll be up on YouTube as soon as we do a whole lot of complicated technical stuff to the recording so you can see see seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lazy, inefficient Dolly

On the up: Fish!
On the down: White spots

Isn't it ridiculous how long I haven't blogged for. Yes, yes, ridiculous, I know I know.

I would say I'm busy, which is half true since I have been rushed crazy off my feet. But it's also half not true because I'm just lazy, inefficient and unmotivated to write about Life-In-General.

Oh, and there's also the thing about lots of very exciting things happening which I can't actually talk about - that thing about being in the public eye and all that. Meh. So you'll have to use your imagination for that.

The biggest news though is that I'm now the proud mother of a FISH! I adopted Henry Higgins away from a tank where he was being attacked by snobby parrot fish. They're totally adorable, totally Dolly-like, cute, flirty fish, but they're also a bit like the mean girls in the movie of the same name and they were MEAN MEAN MEAN to Higgins!

So at 4 in the morning, a few nights ago, we decided to go rescue him, set up a tank in Drakpa House and move him there.

And now he's very, very happy!

I don't know how it is that I've become so very attached to a little ugly fish when I only met him 2 days ago!

The Breakfast Dolly

On the up: Television fame
On the down: Putting on 10 pounds on telly

Ooooh I keep forgetting to blog this.

Looky looky! Dolly and Dory made it onto NTV7's The Breakfast Show for the launch of our pretty new book, If not now, when? (plug plug)

Go see go see!!!!

Sleep Dolly

On the up: Sleep
On the down: Not having enough

I don't think I've ever had such an emotional week. The last week has felt like a train wreck... but there is just way too much to go on here, especially since most of it is confidential. I spent all of Thursday night crying and crying and crying and crying though - and then I screamed out my lungs at someone in a way that would have shocked even Dzambala (yes yes, I was screaming profanities in the middle of a chapel).

But okay, let's not get too dramatic. The point is to learn from mistakes and move on etc.

So darlings, shut up and drive!

On a happier note, I have a lovely new housemate! One that is responsible enough to pay the rent on time, no less: that's all a girl can ask for in a housemate!

JP used to be in the bedroom next to mine, that shared the linking bathroom, but we kept scaring each other in the middle of the night and he can't tahan the risk of running into me half starkus again so he's moved out to the other room. Oh dear.

Since moving in, I've sort of had the luxury of having the whole big wide house to myself so I've sort of taken over it and done what I like with it. Every corner of the house has something "me" in it - my living room, my altar, my desk, my collection of oranges in the fridge.

And now, there's two people who are actually moving in proper so I'm going to have to allocate space for them now. Pish, and after all that hard work of taking over the house like a squirrel hah!

Anyway, now that it's a proper house, with proper people living in it, there's enough reason to throw a proper housewarming! And everyone's invited as long as you bring some oranges for the Taras.


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