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There are new big projects in the air, which involve me speaking Cantonese and I don't know how I am going to manage that. Takkan I go and pronounce "shoes" the wrong way leh.

I stared at JP and asked, "So why exactly am I doing this?"

He gave a very long explanation, as he always does - very detailed, very precise - and then finally, "Well, we thought you would be good because you look very.... interesting."

I looked at him *blink blink*


I said, "There's two ways you could interpret that!"

That's what people say about strange looking fruit, you know, when they come out as a kind of mix-breed plant. They say, "Oh what an INTERESTING specimen!"

Or when there's something very upsetting about the way that people are doing things in in upper management. They say, "Oh that's a very interesting sort of decision. Hmmm" and they go away and think about it because it is confounding and disturbing.

Well, perhaps I shouldn't be so self-derogatory. If it'll get people to watch, and do, and be enlightened, I'm game. I'll even wear some makeup for the event!


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