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Really, I cannot stress how strange it is to be living a normal life. You know, the kind of normal where you get up early in the morning and eat breakfast.

The problem is that by about 5pm I get all sleepy and end up sleeping for 2 hours, flat out on my bed, on the couch in the office, anywhere! (I've been telling myself that for my Good Work of waking up early, doing my sadhana early and getting lots of work done in the day, a nap wouldn't be such a bad reward!)

Rinpoche is still away in Nepal right now so we're all kicking ourselves into high gear to GET OUR ASSES INTO ACTION. I think we must be the only organisation where, when the "CEO" is away, we gotta work doubly hard. Thing is, if we slack off, that might be it. Bye bye to the centre as everything falls apart when the Guru's not around and we don't want that because it'll be all Back To The Shit Farm for us. And for me, that means writing dreadful articles for local publications again. Ohhhhh dear. Ohhhhh no. Ohhhhhh never again.

We spent all day today thrashing out ideas on HOW TO MAKE KMP GLOBAL. We looked at other books by other great Dharma publishers and decided very quickly that their covers were *ahem* Not Quite So Pretty (to put it nicely). So how did they get to where they are? Right on top of Mt Kailash (figuratively speaking)? We want to get there too and out books are going to be even better. So neh neh.

(That's not very Buddhist to start with, I know, but well, we do need something, anything, to kick us up to standard).

Sometimes it seems impossible because there are only two writers and we seem to do everything from editing endless amounts of STUFF (I don't know what else to call it), preparing copy for brochures and posters, to drafting letters, to preparing newsletters. How is there ever time to actually do any proper writing?

We need writers, desperately, now now now now now so if you can string a sentence together and would like to drop everything, move out here and live a fabulously enlightened life with a bunch of dakinis, please get in touch with me!


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