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I feel like a really really big giant accidentally stepped on my back.

So painful can die.
So painful I cannot even breathe properly.

And I don't even know why.

When did this pain come from? WHERE?

I made lots of achy noises and stretches in the office today. It was very attention seeking. I wanted somebody to go "Awwww poor thing lah you." Not that that would actually alleviate the pain.

It hurt when I sit on a beanbag, it hurt when I sit on the floor in our chill out room at the office, it hurt when I sat at my proper chair at my proper desk. So finally, I decided that the only way forward was to eat Arcoxia.

I legged to the pharmacy and bought some very precious little chemicals. They were so expensive but heck, I'd spend anything for that pain to go away, please please please.

I don't care what people say about how they wreck your body and they screw up your liver and blah blah. Pharmaceuticals and chemicals and pills are WONDERFUL. I'm now trying to think of creative ways to turn it into a continuous 24-hour intravenous drip. I'll make it myself, dig a hole in my veins, stick the piping through and then live in pain-free bliss.


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