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I have a valid reason for disappearing. Actually, several.

First, a lorry rolled over my back and crushed me flat into a painful pancake. Okay, not really, but it sure felt that way. So through the course of Ayuvedic treatment and in between being Cripple and being Okay, I was laid out flat for days. Sitting at a laptop to do anything beyond answering one email at a time was very painful indeed.

Then, as I recovered, we're now going through enormous Panic At the Disco at work as we try to get two books out before the end of the year. It doesn't pay to be lazy, I tell yah. The laziness will come back to bite you on the ass. Real hard. *chomp*

Then I got all moochy and pissed off
at the world in general
at myself
at anybody who came within two feet of me
and wallowed in a bit of my own self-misery for awhile, which made me do really stupid things like go out and buy a bar of chocolate for RM30 (it is unbelievably DELICIOUS though) and watch trashy medical dramas for hours on end.

Life is more interesting when you actually, well, have a life and go out and do things you know.


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