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I decided that it was time to sort out the eternal back pain.

So I've been to an Ayurveda centre - another reason to love India - where I got lovely jubly oil treatments and was legitimately allowed to sleep for two hours in the middle of the day.

It was so so so so so soooooooo nice and I get to do it another 13 times. Yay!

I tell you what. It sure beats the crappy Chinese acupuncture thing I did last year. Let's compare:

The Chinese treatment sticks needles into you in all the most painful places. Treatment is only 20 minutes in a freezing room. The Doctor was freaky and disallows everything in your diet except rice and steamed vegetables for 100 days. And you pay a bloody bomb.

The Indian Ayurdeva treatment pours lovely warm oil down your back (or wherever you're hurting). Treatment is 2 hours in a warm, airy room. The therapist is a jolly Indian lady who laughs a lot and although you have to restrict your diet a bit, it's only for 14 days and they let you eat fruit (the Chinese doesn't) And you don't pay a bloody bomb.

Truly, another reason to love India and feel just that little bit more irritation for the Chinese.


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