Frustrated/inspired Dolly

On the up: Tsem Rinpoche
On the down: The naysayers

I have spent ALL EVENING trying to fix a meeting with 7 people which is IMPOSSIBLE. sigh.

Then I came back home, took the dogs out to run and poop etc, and then they came back in and peed on the carpet.

At which point I threw the biggest bitch fit ever. If not for the fact that I have been trying to be a well-behaved, holy girl I would turned them into curry right then and there. See, refuge vows (like: "to refrain from killing") are necessary and good.

Then I received this letter from Rinpoche, which made me cry and put everything back into perspective.

PS: to all the naysayers who think KH is a hoax, Rinpoche is fake and we can't achieve anything... well, here's the truth, we ARE fabulous, we DO fart rainbows and Rinpoche is a real Rinpoche in all ways (I'll let you figure out what I really mean by that!)

PPS: you might not understand bits of the letter if you don't know Kechara House that well so email me if you want to know more otherwise it'll all sound pretty random!

PPSS: note the cool mention of me! Thank yoo, Rinpoche!

Dear President Ms Sio Chen, Committees, Liaisons, Directors, Members, volunteers, relatives and friends,

1. Bonita out of great love and concern for KH has volunteered to me directly to oversee the organizing of 100,000 black teas (puja) within kh grounds to be done!!! This puja should be done within KH premises in a group unless you are out of station in which case you collect the numbers and submit to Bonita. Bonita will also update us via the kh website, announcements and posts on various bulletin boards. Those doing retreats toward setrap may have the great blessings to submit their numbers also to be included into the whole. As in the past with the success of our 10 million migtseyma, this new puja will definitely be completed well. Our group has tremendous devotion to the Three Jewels as expressed in pujas. Along with the black tea to setrap, at the conclusion to each session, i would like everyone to also recite a praise to Dharmaraja kalarupa. That would be excellent also. Kalarupa works together with Setrap to make the Dharma grow. An Image of Kalarupa is in front of Setrap in our KH Chapel. Excellent initiative by Bonita who is ever present hardworking for KH.

2. Led by our Vice President/Liaison Mr Ngeow Voon Chin, our centre has successfully raised over the exceeded amount requested by the abbot of Gaden Shartse Monastery ( Please see his acknowledgment letter on kh website) toward Gaden Shartse's Clinic. WOW!!!! Can see the clinic picture on KH website also. The raised funds were taken to India by Liaison Joseph Chan and our beloved KMP writers and offered directly to the Abbot of Gaden Shartsee with the whole sangha witnessing this spectacular event. Incredible!! In response, the sangha did a huge medicine Buddha puja for us, offered a sacred medicine Buddha thangka for kh (highly blessed) and offered myself a precious Amitayus Buddha statue. Together with the statue they requested me to live long, to continue turning the wheel of Dharma and to continuously take care of the needs of the sangha of Gaden. I folded my hands, touched the Amitayus to my forhead and with tears in my eyes promised to do so. What a great honour and chance to make mine/our lives useful to spread the dharma in our beautiful Malaysia and serve the Sangha in Gaden.

How fortunate I am in this rebirth to do this and together with all of you whom we have strong affinity from previous lives to be together again. We are continuing what we are doing from previous lives. We have all made aspirational prayers from previous lives to work together now. That is why those of us who can work together, we can accomplish so much in such a short space of time. When the sangha of Gaden requests me for help in anyway, it is music to my ears because I realize how they give me a chance to put purpose to my life. Same as in the creation of Kh and all the departments. Serving the people in Malaysia, this region and the world via kh is equivalent to a whole symphony to my ears. Otherwise, a useless, ridiculous person like me would of just been wasting another birth with my attachments, anger, self-pity, pursuance of 8 worldy dharmas AGAIN.

I thank my Gurus, Gaden, and the ppl here (kh) to give me such an opportunity to make my life fruitful. To serve the Sangha and others is the meaning of life.

3. Mr. Ngeow and his wife Yoke Fui, being very dedicated to the growth of Dharma has also personally sponsored rm50k to the reprinting of 3 important texts necessary for the study curriculum of Gaden Shartse’s sangha. That amount was presented to the Abbot and Library Department directly already by Joe and kmp writers on their recent trip. Rejoice.

4. Our recent retreat land blessing was spectacular. Headed by Datin Ng and her committee, everything was done beyond satisfaction. Even the rain was stopped by them!!! It had been raining cats and dogs daily and non-stop. But the day before for setting up and the actual day of pujas, no rain. Only beautiful cooling weather. Datin and Wendy are arranging beautiful albums to commemorate the event at this time, it should be available to see at our RETREAT LAND OFFICE in BU and outlets. Everything was done so wonderfully. The arrangements was beyond my expectation, and when I sat down on the throne, I thought: I KNOW OUR PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF THIS. It is their efforts that I am on the throne, and I am humbled by everyone. In the words of Mr Ngeow, ‘Rinpoche, you have to believe in our kh people also,’ rang very true for me that day.

So many people were involved and I thank them all for caring so much to be directly involved to make our centre grow to benefit others.

There are many people who do not sit by and let others do all the work and then come in when it is all done. I commend them. There are some people who don’t think we can do what we can accomplish because we have no previous track record. Even the most accomplished people in the world had their detractors, critics and had to start from nothing. Everyone who is something now was a nothing at first I humbly say. So, just create the causes.

Our Dharmaphala Setrap (DS)is an Enlightened Being and he has promised our success many times to me personally via the oracular monks. I choose to believe in him all the way. I believe in Setrap, my kind friend for lifetimes, not so much human criticisms and doubts. I also admire the people who believe and stuck it out from the beginning with me and do not shy away when it was tough. Kudos to their courage and bodhisattva efforts.
It is only a reflection of their kind and courageous mind. A mind that is stable reflecting their personal characters. It is an honor for me to work with them. They know who they are and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t reflect on that.

In ordinary terms, it is nice to have loyal friends who stick with you through thick and thin and do not give up on you. They put aside their egos and when I am crying they cry. Laugh when I laugh. In the end, high lama or ordinary persons, without these type friends, how to accomplish anything. So the retreat land success, kh, its various departments, our projects, fundraising, serving Gaden etc. all are not done by me, BUT US. I am so grateful that everyone helps me to have meaning in my life. I may have a tulku’s name, but it will be validated by actions only and actions I will do. My gurus and protectors have commanded it. It will be carried out.

5. Even as I write this, our kmp group are in the mines right now at their stall promoting our dharma books and videos. It is already their 3rd fair this year. They are tireless, devoted, caring and genuinely devoted to the dharma. I cannot say enough, only that the merits they accrue will be the best investment for themselves in this life and future lives and I rejoice, rejoice, rejoice for them. They also create the causes for many others to have meaning for this life and future lives.

6. The professional producer Ms Han is heading our kechara Video Dept. I am very happy to ‘work’ with her and her team to produce high quality dharma videos and shows to air via internet, etc to bring dharma to many whom otherwise wouldn’t know of dharma. Ms Han and group will use innovative, modern and ‘young’ methods to bring dharma to many. Among the many projects planned for the future, she has with her team/liasions produced our commercial talking about all of our outlets. Also a 13 series show to feature our own actress/writer, the multi-talented Ms. Jaime Khoo (affectionately referred to as Paris) are in the works. I personally respect her tremendously because she is young, hardworking, committed and sincere. She is my student and more a friend. It will feature her life, thoughts, memoirs, practice, opinions, travels, writings, which are uniquely that from the perspective of a young, fresh, educated, intelligent Dharma lady. We are so proud of her. So the series is aptly named “Dharma Princess Diaries”…That will be English speaking.

For our wonderful, educated, sincere Chinese crowd, our very own Top Designer of the Year award winner, Eric Choong, will be doing the same concept video with Ms Han/Kh. We are looking forward to this celebrity’s video that talks about himself, his works, dharma, fashion, dreams, triumphs, etc. Fantastic!!!! We are proud of Eric also. I am very proud of our homegrown Malaysian Celebrities. Eric is well known, yet humble and very dedicated to Lord Tsongkapa and The Dharma. He is outwardly trendy and upbeat, and inwardly spiritual. And Eric is also a very nice person. Welcome ‘HOME’ to kechara house eric!

7. Kechara Saraswati and Kechara Discovery Departments are working very hard to open their new premises in SS2. Which is a stone’s throw away from Kechara Paradise, our beloved Mother outlet. They will be opening within a week and the renovations, painting and arrangements are absolutely beautiful. We have even arranged a beautiful stone image of Buddha Saraswati to be the main object of worship to be permanently presiding over everyone in KSA premises. To bless everyone. Her prayer and mantra composed by Lord Tsongkapa will be painted on the wall next to her alter for all those to recite and make a connection with the Goddess of learning, education, science, art, composition, poetry, wisdom, clairvoyance, and realization of the ultimate nature of the mind, emptiness. She is the female reflex of the lord of Wisdom, Manjushri.

This department is raising their own funds, arranging their own contracters, doing their own concepts and paintings, buying their own necessities. Very hardworking and independently dependent. Joy, James, Wan, Aunty Vivian, Sophie, Mr Ng, Heng Mengkiat and girlfriend, Pat, Jason, Lily, Maggie, Justin, Phoebe, Adrian, Kenny etc etc are doing a tremendous job. It is of course Joy and james organizing, but the volunteers do so much. So so much. I didn’t mention everyone as there are so many kind people, forgive me. Everyone is so cohesive and dedicated. They will even have their own sewing department to sew traditional clothes for the deities. Now saraswati can paint, mantracize, sew clothes and do the jewellery of the deities in full traditional manner. Fantastic. We can do all this in Malaysia!!!!! Hurray for Saraswati!!!!

Just think, saraswati was born from the ‘mother’ kechara paradise!! A few people working and volunteering their time in kechara paradise painting statues and rolling mantras and that was just a few years ago in a small 3rd story shoplot in SS2. As I asked a few dharma students to learn to paint, do mantras, put gold, make jewelry on statues…some believed in my vision to have traditional statue creation premises in Malaysia and hence kechara Saraswati Arts is born. Fantastic!!! I again praise those who carried through and shared my vision to have this special service available in Malaysia. I thank those few people who took time away from personal pursuits that actually leads nowhere to pursuing the dharma THROUGH ART. You are miniature Saraswatis in my eyes. For abandoning personal pursuits in favor of Dharma to benefit others reflects you are blessed by Saraswati.

8. kh1 is now undergoing a renovation to enlarge the place as it is too small to fit the growing crowd of dharma aspirants. Our own hard working in house handy men Justin Ripley and Fatmonk are doing all the wonderful painting. They are painting with their hearts to make our temple beautiful. Meanwhile we have the lovely kh2, a one minute walk away from kh1 in sunway of course. We have the powerful setrap chapel and also the prosperous Dzambala chapel there. Weekly we have the Dzambala and setrap pujas enthusiastically attended by many. These pujas will benefit many people and non humans also. I am so pleased with KH2 and the holy yet modern chapels. Our Dzambala Chapel in KH2 will create the causes for our large outdoor Dzambala to manifest. ‘Take care’ of our Dzambala Chapel by pujas, holding vows, keeping samaya and guru devotion. Be a living Dzambala by generously practicing the paramita of giving with your time, talents, resources, abilities and efforts towards the growth of the dharma within and without. Margaret, Ruby, Sharon and the whole team did a SPECTACULAR JOB WITH THE RENOVATION OF KH2. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH ALL OF YOU. I THANK YOU.

Lets not forget the beautiful Kh Hostel upstairs of kh2 that has a constant stream of guests renting the rooms it seems since opening day. Wow. Just think we have our own kechara hostel. That is so incredible for students and guests that come from out-station. That has also been a long time dream of mine also. Very exciting. Of course running the hostel will be training for our bigger hostel in the retreat land. In fact everything we do such as taking care of kh, kmp, outlets, ksk, saraswati, etc are all just preparations in a way to be ‘trained’ up for the larger places in Tsem Kacho Ling. Are you all starting to see that pattern??? We must do well in what we have to create the causes to have bigger in order to benefit others even more.

9. Liaison Paul has just returned from a successful trip to Tibet where he visited holy places and especially those related to Lord Tsongkapa. We are awaiting his presentation and also to be posted on the websites soon. He will gradually map out places for us to go for pilgrimage lead by himself.

In Tibet he again met with Setrap via the oracle monk of sera and received positive oracular pronouncements re the growth of our centre, pujas to be done and daily prayers all members should do. We are very lucky, that we have a dharma protector that has a long tradition of taking trance, and we can directly speak to our holy dharma protector via his monk oracle specially trained for this. How fortunate we are in Kh to follow the traditions of Gaden Shartse Monastery and we can speak to our Protector DIRECTLY. That is incredible. Extremely lucky, because we of KH have direct help from our Protector just like in Gaden Shartse Monastery. When I was in Gaden, we also consulted Setrap once a year officially during New year’s with the Abbot, high lamas, geshes and sangha all present. What a spectacular site that was and is. Where the high lamas and gods are gather in the official prayer hall of Gaden Shartse Monastery. Wow!!

10. Today I got news that another dharma house is forming. That is a group of young, creative dharma students (Anna, chris, james, beng Kooi, joey wong) sharing the premises together as they are in the dharma and also to cut costs. The new dharma house is named by myself as : NAROPA HOUSE after the great mahasidda Naropa who is the founder of our Vajra Yogini Lineage. In his pure vision of Vajra Yogini, she inititated him. He practiced, achieved Mahamudra and the rainbow body to ascend the actual kechara paradise embraced by Mother Vajra Yogini. So that is a very auspicious name for them. We already have Tara House, Jamyang House, Drakpa House, Heruka House in the nearby area occupied by our dharma students. It is like the Monastery where the monks live together and work in the light of the holy Dharma. So these dharma houses emulate the sangha community without ordination. Congratulations to Naropa House!!!! They move in December 1st 2007!! In the future we can have these dharma houses in Tsem Kacho Ling!!!!!!

11. Kechara Soup Kitchen(KSK) is continuously doing a great job headed by Liaison Su Ming to bring hot food and a drink to the homeless people of downtown kuala Lumpur. They go rain and shine every weekend without fail to deliver the food. Sometimes Su Ming flying in from a business trip will go directly from the airport to town to meet with ksk group to give food. We would want very much a steady, permanent facilities to manifest in town that we can cook our own halal food to offer. There are many regulars too many to name, but I would like to thank Robert Teasdale for his unstinting effort towards this. I sincerely thank everyone involved in this and lets get a permanent building and do this permamently!!!

12. This is not confirmed yet, but Kmp professional scriptwriter Sharon Saw and Liaison Susan Lim has taken the initiative to raise funds to build a large wall around our land in Gaden. The wall is approximately IRs400,000. That is last year’s quotes though!

Last year I acquired land from Gaden Shartse monastery right next to H.H. Gaden Tri Rinpoche!!! So I would like to rebuild a Tsem Ladrang Guest house in Gaden. As more and more of us are visiting Gaden, we need a place to stay within the Monastic grounds to retreat, visit and so on.
Geshe Puntsok has kindly agreed the building of the wall around 5-6 feet in height with a gate to allow car to drive in and out. Also a pedestrian side gate. The wall will be built surrounding the parameters of our Tsem Ladrang guest house land. He will also install electricity into the land and acquire a water pump which will be necessary for the building of the gate. Water was already drilled on the land last year. And there was water on our land!!! Next step would be to build the foundations, My bedroom, audience room, guest rooms, communal kitchen and dining hall, audience and gathering hall. It would be good to lay the foundations down this year. And then let it settle. If it settles, then we build later on top, there will be less ground movement preventing cracks in the walls of the finished building. My previous residence was offered up to my teacher Kensur Rinpoche when I settled in Malaysia. It is necessary now to have a Tsem Ladrang in Gaden Shartse Monastery. I would personally like to visit my Monastery from time to time yearly. So I hope eventually soon we can start building our Gaden Tsem Ladrang Guest House. The rainy season in India is just over so it is perfect timing.

These are some of the things I have observed that has been happening in our great organization of Kechara House. There are so many other things also..but I think it is okay for now.

I am very happy and proud of our incredible progress. I am happy and honored to have Malaysia as my home. I want to do much much much much more to benefit people and as in the past, I will need your dedication for the future. Lets put meaning, deep meaning into our lives. Let not this precious chance to do dharma be wasted with our useless excuses, covers, laziness, attachments, eating, making money, playing games, endless relationships, sleeping, entertainments, or just settling down in life thinking that you have done enough just because you have raised kids. Be higher in thinking, be higher in actions, be higher in pursuits. Then you can gain the highest of results….enlightenment as promised by our Lord Buddha Shakyamuni as eloquently elucidated by Lord Tsongkapa the second Buddha.

I fold my hands to everyone and humbly share some thoughts today,

Tsem Tulku of Kechara House

Grumpy Dolly

On the up: Quietness
On the down: Mood swings

I've been in such a big fat bad mood this week. I think it's all thanks to the phone call I had first thing Monday morning which told me I had to spend the whole of the next day in a photo shoot.

I couldn't think of a more depressing way to spend a day, or to start the week.

The photo shoot itself was a total nightmare of course. I think in future I'd rather take a job cleaning toilets than doing photo shoots. I even took a formal vow in front of Joe and all the Buddhas in KMP (there are about 16 of them) that I will never
take on this kind of crap writing job ever again.

Something worth mentioning though is that I think one of those pairs from The Amazing Race Asia was there at the studio too, being shot for some magazine thingy.

I know that they're from TARA because one of the girls made a point to mention about 5 times that THIS WAS THE BAG THAT SHE USED FOR THE RACE.

She said it over and over again - when she arrived, when she was being prepped for the shoot, probably also during the shoot (I wasn't in the same studio as her), and after the shoot:
It went:
"This was the actual bag that I used for the race."
"We actually used these bags for the race."
"This was what I used in the race."

Okay, we GET IT. You were in the Amazing Race.


I wondered if perhaps she wanted one of us to ask her if she was in the Amazing Race, so of course I didn't. I didn't need to know the answer anyway because she'd already told us about 5 times anyway.

Then I got ill so I have been even more miserable than normal.

And like, right now, I really really want to throw the two peeing dogs out of the window (I hope Ben doesn't read this)

Gaden Dolly

On the up: Gaden
On the down: Everywhere else!

A dolly is off to visit the Buddhas in Gaden today!!!!!! So no samsara posting for a week, while I pretend to be very holy indeed and something that's plenty more worthwhile than just mooching around shops and eating McDonalds.

I think I must have really done something spectacular in my last life to get all this good karma to running around to all these amazing spiritual places and meet all these fabulous high Lamas. Even if I'm not looking to go on these trips, I get to go; and I don't even have to do the organisation. I just pack my bags, someone hands me my passport all chopped and signed with a visa and I'm ready to go.

I sure better make sure I keep that karma topped up!

And the next best thing is getting to go to Indiaaaaaa which is just fabulous. I am most definitely a reincarnation of a little indian girl.



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