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On the up: Weekends
On the down: Early mornings

My biggest bestest most favourite friend in the whole wide chocolate galaxy is baaaaaaaaaack in KL after a long long time away at a very faraway place. Shan is my absolute partner in crime for absolutely everything and I feel a bit more complete now that she's accessible on a Maxis phone line again and living driving distance away *dances*

She is the super cutest, most adorable, witty, fun-loving, chocolate-complexioned person you will ever meet.

PLUS, she's Indian which means two things:

1) immense eyelashes
2) drinking capacity of a very large Irish man

So we went out drinking tonight, hurray :)

But first dinner at my new favourite place in KL, Max Kitchen in Tengkat Tong Shin which does greatgreat food for not very much $$ at all. Super duper. And the owner/head chef (called Max, surprise) rememebers my name so I can feel a bit important when I go eat there.

He even pulled out some special Polish vodka for me which errrr tasted a bit like disinfectant, but never mind. After my adventures with Chivas a few months ago, everything else tastes like Rainbows.

Speaking of rainbows...

JP came to join us a bit later for drinks and he was dressed as the complete 21st-century male emanation of Rainbow Brite. Actually, to be more accurate, he looked like one of those fuzzy, furry friends that hang around Rainbow Brite all the time. Like this:

Anyway, just as we moved over to Palate Palette (and you MUST go, if not I cannot ever be friends with you again) Rainbow Brite and posse had to leave halfway because of some emergency at work. Poor Bitch.

That left me drinking with Shan and Julian (her husband, and my most favourite Indian guy in the whole world)... and I hate drinking with Indians because they drink an entire vat of ethanol and they can still walk straight and calculate logarithms in their head. I had two drinks and I turned into a beetroot with wobbly arms and legs.

Poor Julian had to put up with all our rubbish chat all night. Okay, I mean, my rubbish chat since Shan is so decent and clever about things all the time. Naturally, I started to talk about boys again (see, poor Julian), at which point Shan said to me,

"I think I'm in your life for a reason: to upgrade your taste."

She thinks the state of affairs in my head is totally appalling and forever saying, "Well... somebody's got to love the ugly people." That's the second person who's said that to me within a month.



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