Ayurveda Dolly

I decided that it was time to sort out the eternal back pain.

So I've been to an Ayurveda centre - another reason to love India - where I got lovely jubly oil treatments and was legitimately allowed to sleep for two hours in the middle of the day.

It was so so so so so soooooooo nice and I get to do it another 13 times. Yay!

I tell you what. It sure beats the crappy Chinese acupuncture thing I did last year. Let's compare:

The Chinese treatment sticks needles into you in all the most painful places. Treatment is only 20 minutes in a freezing room. The Doctor was freaky and disallows everything in your diet except rice and steamed vegetables for 100 days. And you pay a bloody bomb.

The Indian Ayurdeva treatment pours lovely warm oil down your back (or wherever you're hurting). Treatment is 2 hours in a warm, airy room. The therapist is a jolly Indian lady who laughs a lot and although you have to restrict your diet a bit, it's only for 14 days and they let you eat fruit (the Chinese doesn't) And you don't pay a bloody bomb.

Truly, another reason to love India and feel just that little bit more irritation for the Chinese.

Crushed Dolly

I feel like a really really big giant accidentally stepped on my back.

So painful can die.
So painful I cannot even breathe properly.

And I don't even know why.

When did this pain come from? WHERE?

I made lots of achy noises and stretches in the office today. It was very attention seeking. I wanted somebody to go "Awwww poor thing lah you." Not that that would actually alleviate the pain.

It hurt when I sit on a beanbag, it hurt when I sit on the floor in our chill out room at the office, it hurt when I sat at my proper chair at my proper desk. So finally, I decided that the only way forward was to eat Arcoxia.

I legged to the pharmacy and bought some very precious little chemicals. They were so expensive but heck, I'd spend anything for that pain to go away, please please please.

I don't care what people say about how they wreck your body and they screw up your liver and blah blah. Pharmaceuticals and chemicals and pills are WONDERFUL. I'm now trying to think of creative ways to turn it into a continuous 24-hour intravenous drip. I'll make it myself, dig a hole in my veins, stick the piping through and then live in pain-free bliss.

Interesting Dolly

There are new big projects in the air, which involve me speaking Cantonese and I don't know how I am going to manage that. Takkan I go and pronounce "shoes" the wrong way leh.

I stared at JP and asked, "So why exactly am I doing this?"

He gave a very long explanation, as he always does - very detailed, very precise - and then finally, "Well, we thought you would be good because you look very.... interesting."

I looked at him *blink blink*


I said, "There's two ways you could interpret that!"

That's what people say about strange looking fruit, you know, when they come out as a kind of mix-breed plant. They say, "Oh what an INTERESTING specimen!"

Or when there's something very upsetting about the way that people are doing things in in upper management. They say, "Oh that's a very interesting sort of decision. Hmmm" and they go away and think about it because it is confounding and disturbing.

Well, perhaps I shouldn't be so self-derogatory. If it'll get people to watch, and do, and be enlightened, I'm game. I'll even wear some makeup for the event!

Lovely animals

Dear Dollyblog readers,

If you like Dollyblog and you are reading this, please please please help to do something very important.

Read this post by KinkyBlueFairy (who has said it all and very well) and then PLEASE GO HERE to sign the petition to lobby for Better Law for Wildlife in Malaysia.

Animals - both domestic and wildlife - have just about no protection here and the abuse that goes on is beyond terrible. People who commit the abuse against animals suffer very little or no consequences so it is extremely easy for them to get away with immense and frequent cruelty.

Please help to save the lovely animals. Please please sign the petition.


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