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I was CC'd this email today:

I for the first time came across Paris's great, fun and down to earth blog site...please mass email this to our group and have them take a read...she is really today's cyber-dharma-girl....caution do be advised as she is a no holds bar...hehehehehhe

It was from Rinpoche, sent out to, well, everybody.

For the first two seconds, the tiny little part of me that is modest and ladylike felt very shy shy, malu malu and went, "Oh my god, how?!"

But okay, let's not even bother to pretend. A much bigger part of me which loves attention was all, YAAAAAAAAY!

I love that the note came with a little warning ("do be advised as she is a no holds bar"). For a microsecond, I panicked and had to think real quickly about who I had bitched about on here.

Then I thought, "Oh, well, who cares. TooLateNow." And anyway, it did come with a warning, didn't it?


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