Dolly goes to Angkor Wat

On the up: Weekend getaways
On the down: Air Asia's constant delays

Apparently Air Asia say that "86% of their flights arrive on time." Like, uh, what about the other substantial 14% then?

Anyway, was off in Siem Reap with Dory, Webbie, GL and GL's scary friend, Tina, last weekend. I like the idea of just jetsetting off for the weekend, although in reality, it burned a fairly large hole in my pocket that was probably not in any sort of proportion to the time spent there. Nevermind, was good company.

Have been feeling reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally blah blah these past few weeks and can't be arsed to do anything. Can't even really be arsed to blog but thought I should put something new before even my tiny fan base of like, 1.5 disappears completely.


Here is silly me trying to be artistic with my photographs at the Angkor Wat temples. Think I could give scary Seng Piow a run for his money?

Dolly at The Atrium

On the up: Girls' night out
On the down: Ghost stories when you're pissed

Dessert + martinies the other night was a hoot, mostly because Shida was having a real big go at men, so the whole evening was spent bashing the stupid things that men do. She was all, "Stupid bastard men. I'm gonna try women now."

After dessert, we moved upstairs to this loungey thing that was full of what looked like candles but which our noses soon discovered to be some clever trick with gas. (Coincidentally, we went on to talk about Ways to Kill Yourself like, uh, gassing yourself).

Anyway it was all very camp fire like and soon we were talking about ghosties coming to visit in the middle of the night, and bomohs and toyos that live in jars. Shida decided that because she was going to Australia the next day, she had to find herself a woman (or a man, or one of each) fast fast so she wouldn't have to sleep along in the hotel with ghosties.

Then Shida probably went back to bashing men somewhere along the way and soon she was touting the benefits of dildo-over-man. Then, "I'm going to go to Australia and buy all of you one! Yeah! I'm going to get loads and bring it all back."

Someone said, "Errrr, how are you gonna get them through customs?"

She said they stopped her once cos she was carrying two. When they asked her who it's for, she said,
"Satu untuk saya"
"Satu untuk saya punya mak."
And somehow they let her go lah.

So now she's trying her luck with six. Well all the better for us then.

Ok it's taken me three days to do this post because Blogger won't let me post photos properly grrrrr. It's taken a toll, I'm exhausted, so this will have to do for today.


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